I AM HERE, IN HUNGARY AT HEART, WITH DEATH BUT I AM NOT ADAM THERE, NOR WERE DEATH BY NAME IS THEIR RIGHT,I LIVE IN CANADA, POOR, NEAR DEATH CAUSE THEY STOLE NOW ALMOST MY SOUL, THE CITY OF HAMILTON ONTARIOP Canada that is, they are all; murderers but for who judiciary lets alone, I guess, I am Adam edmund Oliver antaloczy the only one allowed Edmond, with the only a.e.o.a. , as well as a.e.o.a.(oouu) for the government murder of a wife to be, ever before since her, ever after since her, her being princess Diana Spencer, a royal i... I connaught =cannaught

  • 03 Come out and play2:12
  • like I don.t haVE A partner 2:01
  • whiteness and shyness3:49
  • kchome in 23:06
  • ho(w)e many more times3:12
  • hada2:02
  • our home4:51
  • Track 013:06
  • come back for5:58
  • Together_R3_MP32:53
  • TOGETHER_2:54
  • all alone4:09
  • free humans win to place show6:31

this is for non political; princess Diana Spencer type of cause I guess, to stop the infanticide of the male human ,never animal, never mammal, never drug addict never needle heorin, never needle speedballl user anything user, poor'er than life thus always with death in m E as well as mE as well as Me as well as should be for? MMEE people(s)?, I did 'n't' drugs in england nor California nor Cleveland, nor Chicago 

never was any song ready for the public, all of these are just my demo's to either do it alone, or to hire the right people, but, it was all stolen by satanic , end of the world terorrists , see, they stole it so that they can fuck sexually any human at will, cause I never ever had sexual relations during or after recording, but for once.now, they will all die to deathly soon, if not already.

Tapez votre paragraphe ici.

either name, Adam adi, Adam antaloczy  adi adika are all the same m E, Adam edmund Oliver antaloczy, the one as well as only, student number 1235878 mcmaster  university 2012,(c)adisongs2019, non governmentorganisation special accreditation united naitons new York New York(c)antalozcy enterprises limited(r)2012, (c)adisongs2019

I have family but none of the same name I am afraid, I know them like death , especially the traitor with same name, extorting my money form me, Adam antaloczy the3 cousin I known not and he had tried , with this father to murder death kill me, 

February 13 the 13 2019

fevrier treize deus mille dixneuf

today I heard my godmothers program is to be released , someone called it the(e) diana

​it was supposed to be ready6by 2012, my first year returning to universitystudies, I chose philosophy of law

every song was completely never about a female as  I always hop'd would be wife, but was never ever a human fame, never was it ever one human male I wrote nor had emotions for, nor male human, nor any religion, as, every song was after the catholics as well as every religion already killed m E to make sure they can pretend they have gone through this. prohibited it is to install any female, any male, any thing, but moreso, please let me see if it was Diana Spencer that, someone stated, we married you to honoured canadian Diana Spencer , formerly of royal England prince charles's life.

this women below, is the German mute I had sexual relations with in England 1996, the book on Diana, the Paul barrel, I guess,has the actual picture I recognized as her, not as her , as princess, but that night, I could have slept with pam Anderson's , or her, I choose this women, but she looked not lioke this but looked it , I guess, if she had worn the makeup.

this picture was never real;eased but in 2018, no one in the world had these pictures, and I lost my mind the moment I recognized her, cause now, it all makes sense, with now my sense needs to ease once more.

I love you [ females human ,only the only(c)adisongs1988  Diana if this was her, cause I  would have had a chance at being her prince, and then world domination with her, no doubt.  I would not have neede3d her for world domination royals of england, not at all.  .] if it is still you , cause I would have I, but only you would know.

see, I heard that the royals were looking for me, back then, the hotel pictures, like a decade or two ago, only near death do I betray what I have, so as to stop the murder that is to protect m E only, then my physical family, then my fiends, then my enemies then my acquaintances, then my relatives,

I never knew the national enquirer was using me, and the spoof about me applying for a job there is true, as true to apply for police college, thew enquirer was to stop their betrayal of honour, the police thing was so that I can legally beat the living shit out of one cop, n the law may be to beat the living shit out of one judge, or so called judge, as well thus, so called police officer I term Cowper..

cool colour aye, mcmaster university Phoenix iI term it

​like my love will rise like the Phoenix, as, after all, I already did sunburst with no one knowns iff the sun is still there, thanks to negative obligation, I could have blown up the sun, with. o one on the entire planet or off, being able to prove that it did not blow up.


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