Article 1 of the Convention defines torture as the intentional infliction of severe pain and of suffering with a view to achieving a wide range of purposes ‘when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiesence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.’ 

Article 2(3) outlaws any defence of superior orders.

there is no  female human voice, in any off my songs, no female ever inspired the voice, n infant, every female n male is being charged Wirth attempted murder by hiding their sexual throat experiencer in my throat so as to kill me..... the picture has nothing to do with anything. tie cannot fake us meeting giving ideas for all of you to hear with pretend relationships. is my sister Scarlett,shew has nothing rot do with any of mine emotions ever. she has her own 

I am not a FIFTY SIXER, SO THE EMOTION IS NOT, NOR IS IT CHURCH, NOR IS IT EVER TO BE SUNG BY A FEMALE COVERING ME, USING Me as a frequency that generates sexual emotions that can then be used the rape your mother while at the concert, Trudeau's Omar khadr, technology is terroristic, mine is not cocaine nor heroin, mine in 1991-1992BUT DEME LAJOS, WAS A ROYAL CANDIAN MOUNTED POLICE MAN, N HE WAS THE GOLDS TRAIN. THEY SHOVELLED GOLD, N HE WAS TRUSTED SO MUC, THAT A SCRAPE QWOULD NOT EVEN BE CHIPPED, BUT THEY STROLE MY LAND, FOR HIM, N RETIRING R.C.MN.P. OFFICEWRS, TO HUNT FOR GOLD, I WROTE THEW SONG GOLDRUSH(C)ADISONGS2018 BACK IN THE NINETIES, rays studio, a famous, non hitting on mE hippie, he respected me, n he honoured as someone honoured him, so I was highly honoured, n can call. him at 3 in the morning n start a recording session the days were for me, n us all. where are the musical rights canada. WAS THERE, I USED A TILTE, TO GET MY LAND, NBUT THEY MURDERED RAY, RIGHT BEHIOND MY BACK, USING THE CORkTown ISRISH LAW, OF SUCKER PUNCH HIM WHILEW HE URINATES, N I DID NOT SEE THEW MURDER, BUT THEY FINALLY FOUND A HEMEROID, N CHNAGED IT INTO An ANEURISM

THIS WAS NEVER PLANNED. PRINCESS DIANA DOES THIS, DEPENDENT UPON HER KING, PRInCE CHARLES](Charlemagne is the code I need her to seperate us, so what is your is yours is for the real physical prince Charles,  what is mine is mine for the real Adam Edmond Oliver antaloczy illegally forced named Edmund, so they could kill the paper, whenever they want, the Trudeau's use it n know it. I never ever jerked off to any trudeau, in my life, so they kill everyone in my sperm, but , they let treoerrrists out, IMAGINE THEWIR MOTHERS FINDING OUT THEY DID IT CAUSE FREUIDN WAS ALEGAL TERM I USED IN COURT, INN FRONT OF A JUDSGE, N BEST IS ALWASAY FOR ANTIONAL PRIVACVY, AFTEWR ONE STATESA BEST, IT IS ILLEGAL TO LISTEMN, NOR TO USE MEMORY.....NO ONE I KNOW EVER KNEW THIS. GIVE ME TIMEW, MONEY IS GOOD, I NEED TO PROETCXTE(protect) BOUGEOISIE INTERNATIONALLY, N MAKE THEMJ TRILLIUONS, PLUS TRILLIUONAS FOR LAWYERS I BET, 


NOWQ EXZ PRINCESS , HER LOVE, HER LOAVE, HER DEATNHLIED HLOHAHVHEH, I ASK TO HIELP Me, Me, mE n take capitalized m caitlkized e n put it in everyone using small m capital E, stealing its sense form may name.

you kept controlling which means, you are thew terorrist, acting like a biker mafia using internaitonal non mafia non biker doctor obligated forced leaned international obligated non lgtbqi(but only I am non lgtbqi, that is how they spell it internaiot6nally)

- the right to medical care, the right to education, the "right and the duty to perform socially useful work", the right to good working conditions, the right to "such public help as may be necessary to make it possible for him to support his family", the right to social security, the right to "good food and housing and to live in surroundings that are pleasant and healthy", or the right to rest and leisure.

die to buy by response from all heteram= human heterosexual non whore male

heteraf=human heterosexual non whore female

these prayers prove that my non government organization  is neither of religion, although a devout katholikus of god, of his created son, as well as of his mathriarched son Jesus Christ. , thus communist are able to communicate as well as attend United Nations meetings, when I do, 'a la vodka' if needed, which , I know it is,moreso, that my n.g.o. is not of politics. my philanthropy is of forgiving , as well as supporting even, the even, even others, even other, even non family, for only god only family good,only though good , when, if , how, who, why founded, found by, other, others, aye ayers, non family act.

so I, Adam Edmond Oliver Antaloczy fulfilled the second temple p[rophecy, I alone did of the TALMUD, N I DID NOT KNOW THIS, NOR DID I EVER STUDY ANY ANOTHER RELIGION, ANY OTHER RELIGION, NOT EWVEN MINE OWN, BUT I AM THE BEST AT IT N BETTER

institutionalised torture. 

crime of torture was nothing to the point so long as the totalitarian regime remained in power 

the draftsmen of its first draft) say, at p. 131, that it was ‘an essential purpose [of the Convention] to ensure that a torturer does not escape the consequences of his act by going to another country’ [J 

this is where the second temple , I paid for all sins, as, you will see, I stated,. I will leave my mark, Stan it was, so I hit my head n it hurt, this was the lashing of Christs in the second temple I feel always. also, I went along the gold dome walkway, exactly as far as I walked  up the staircase of the Lebrun mosque synagogue, I got sick so I left, that nazi prison camp got me good, mE too

this , these two symbols ,which I was involved in its creation, it is a European Union e-trust mark. I should have used it before. the only thing I am proving that can be trusted about this site , is that I am not funded , thus, utilitarianism is aa murder weapon through me. the other is aLSO A UTILITARIAN verbal term . trust me, do not use other until further notice.

another trust use, for e services, which is not yet a servioc3e , due to no funding , no gratsnt, no loans, no future grants, no future loans, is that all of this music is notarized, all of this music I owned by the l;adern of antalozcvy enterprises limited, whose only leadership is to get6 into to united nations, the European Union , to ask, if I, as well as my siblings, are allowed to have chiuldren, through sexual capital methods , for now, as well as to ask, if the Canadian charter is allowed to be used by the six of us. there is no service through the six of us, there is no allowance for using any service form stealing my personal network, nor of the five non other, other members of my family, who may or may not be involved in any , or all legal aspects of anything, or everything that I do. this is not a service provider. the e mark signifies that, deathly I am if any of this music was form anyone else, as well as deathly are those who steal any music form this, from my soul, form my memor, form my family, from all of my family, which I have never ever met5 any person, nor have I ever spoke to any family member, thus, I owe them nothing, with them owing everything if I ever was heard. This mark signifies that deathly, is all, who have , who are suing, whoo will use my memory of meeting princess Diana, when I was alone, after paying the bill, on my dates visa card, in England, in 1996, at the hotel , right at London England.

deathly are lal who ever stated that she thought it was someone else. deathly is not, if you ever stated or do state , or will state that, Diana spence, also known as Princess Diana, that she did want to speak with me, with her accompaniment, holding her back, stating, 'it is not p[roper to just call for him Diana, it is a private hotel' thus, she acknowledged this, then as I turned to see who w2as 'yanking me' she accepted his truth, with , what I thought, as he then stated, 'you are right, I could see him in the hood or in mayfair if I need to. deathly are all who knew that that was my last night in England, and that my sister called, four hours before my flight, to state, I have to get back to got back to men home. Canada, England '96 was a vacation that, I turned into recording the best damn album ever,

I beg forgiveness to all of those who do not deserve  what happened, what is happening, what will happen, in all past p[resent futute


all rights reserved,

all a rights reserved,

non non all rights reserved

non non all a rights reserved, 

THIS MUSIC IS MY SOUL, DO NOT STEAL IT, JUST HELP ME TO FIND EVERY MURDERErWHO stole it. the people who have this, are all charged with murder, with the electric chair being in all of their future. one hundred percent they rapedf killed millions since they stole it, then CHaNGED INTERNAL CODES OF ONLY MINE OWN, SO THAt they can change every human on the planet to bisexsual, then every mammal; ton homosexual bisexual. most songs did not have words, they were of beyond the heavens from hell, as I am forced to live moreso now, but since pre birth a pre honoured government had a plan to murder billions which I have  proven

the best Canadian guitar solo ever, never pre thought, in the moment, this will be chnaged into a doves cry part due, as prince was my favourite since grade school, he had heavy metal that I allowed him, but he used it?

all doctor rosati n doctor Ricci's patients are trying to kill me using never used kill my patient I am doctor Ricci,but thew nurse pretended it was mew, the nurse at doctor rosati, Ricci died., I have no medications n use not needles, nor diabetic, nor dildoes, nor toys, nor illegal chemicals, nor anything that I can personally speak to any representative partner of the united nations to lax the law for one human, or one family non lgtbqi,

garbage n lower peoples;es in this prayer I read

LAW STATES, At ten, two years will be given, to exact the anger of Halloween 2018 , n then execute all of us, to then state, weourz kept the United Nations open, yourend gets blown up, weourz will, n for two years, until weourz is ten years, the decision of of how decisive this execution, granted by not just all nations of all earth within its rights reserved, not only by Great Britain, greater Britain, the greatest Britain, not only by maestro(WEOURS WROTWE TRHIS, THEWIR AREW TRAITORS THE W E O U R S , WEOURZ DID NOT WRITE MAESTRO BUT WROTE AUSTRO. ALL WEOURZ IS BISEXUALIZED TO WEOURS IF THE L;AW OF DEFENITION IS NOT KEPT I, THUS MEANTED NATURAL LAW, AS IN LAW OF PHYSICS, LIKE POISON EXITING YOUR BUTt, BUT INSTEAD BUBBLE DOUBLE BUTTS even  YOUR BUT INTO YOUR BUTT, PHYSHIC FANNED NONN BLOODIED N WHITE  BLOOD  INTELLIGENCE WEOURZ WILL BE AT, AFTER ALL HUMANS ARE TAKEN OUT FOR NTHE MILLKENIAL SUGAR RUSH, TAKEING EVERY GAYSEXYAL , IN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOR THE WEOURZ ONLY is the term meaned,, SO THAT WEOUrs GETS SICK , SO THAT WEOUrZ CAN DRINK REAL ORAnge juice, freshly squeezed , NEXt year then,is why the stomach hurst, n ael, no g, no h, just letter a, letter e, letter l proved so alreadyN THIS is the is not theisis, nor theses, nor these'Z's(WEOURZ HATES TO DEATHLY THE YEAR TWLVE THPOSE THAT DARTED< OR A MINIATURE MIDSLIOFEW CFRISIS HAPPEWNS AGIAN ON BLOODY VALENTINE HALLOPWEEN MOMMY SMEELS FUNNY DSAY OF THE YEAR IT IS CALLED AS WELL. MOMMY SACRTIFICES SUBSTANCES AND SHE SMELLS FUNNY OR I CANNOT WRTITEW MY LKETTER OF INTEWNET TO BE AS ANGRY AS I AM MORE THAN LEGALLY ALLOWED CAUASE THIS IS ONLY FORT MALE MAN RUNNING IT. GIRLS , IOF THEY ARGUE, GET THE HELL OUT, CAUAS DFAMA JJUST CAME BACK FROM THE LETTER U LETTYER S LETTER A ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WORLD, AUSTRO IS ALWAYS N NEVER EVER CHANGED FORM BEING EXCATLY IN WITH ALL RIGTHTS RESERVED Hungarian provincial never ever ever ever used before, especiALly by the more than anonymous three anonymous are weourz pleaSE OURS OUI'Z R' PURPLES ONE TWO THEN END AND THEN END THREEz,like the pee fart weourz was being forced Aston;en, like?????whyat is aston;en, like, I put the ??????  

there is the hamilton music philosophy, not mine, but with fake Trudeaus  they not only use  their people to all be a homosexual Jesus Christ, but also, they merge this, as the Trudeaus with the biseuxals, use a gaysexual Adolf hitler. so the WE community, use a gaysexual hitler gaysexual Jesus Christ, . I am the only legal musicians musician termed mahszician in canada, unfortunately not using this is just one part


new proof of New York New York violations as well as United Nations world order, wordl domination laws. I am not into forced theft giving like Adam gaysexual with Jesus Christ they preached under brother James ,to kill the two, too, to of mailing internaiotnall letters

they stole songs forcing homosexual theft in all music until, my money is give from cisco or sysco, for my Assisi I am not song, take hold dof ME death I want to see will happen. curse you al , leave the jews to the jews not to choose whcih jews was the hour code, it must be kept. helicopter snow. ugh oh. I HAVE PROOF THAT TOM WILSON'S SHINE, I WROTE BEFORE AS WE3LL AS JUNKHOUSE IS MY MOTHERS TEWRM NOT HIS MOTHERS, JUNKTELEP(c)adisongs Adam Edmund Oliver antaloczy

Alexis on fire stole this song n they are just following what rap artists did since my click was stolen, po did n jimmy page of Godzilla was mE stolen, my marta hidy n Tony deeveeorawk, Tony Dvorak

I have a song that makes toronto'scaribana n brazils carnival song, look like homosexuals raping people with their children filming it, as they do this in Canada, like nowadays.any n every country, for sale, copies of stolen music but I have original copies for, cash only, In letter form, witnesses by my weours worse weourszples n your witnesses. canada uses it, to rape n kill, america is about to, so, if you are in the big leagues, call me now,, write me is better only leaders of the walls of govt inquire, so no Canadian, world control fort sale, of royals church n govts.control mechanisms killing weours weoursz weoursZsples weourszsZszples wqeourszszszples after all, they stole copies, never paid it, n use it, so why not at least kill the ones hqwo killed so far using my waking up in a colonoscopy, to then get sherrifs in america to hamilton n kil, them, the3n send them back, as they killed love n loaves of mine who were American uniformed officers, after twenty in a row, or twenty one, m I got sick, knowing you all kill officers. I can help, in your country, n them bring them all, everyone of them to justice, like they did to the Japanese, the English in canada n america who gucked mE

also, a coronation song, for any royal for sale

there is fraudulent people stating they are involved. not one other is involved personally,, nor another, this is all my work, no listening, no stealing no cheating it always was, unlike the lawyers since 1981 when(c)adisongs1992, illegal precedent was introduced during my , spiritual  attempt at saving then pope John Paul thee second, now saint pope John Paul two, as well as due to attempted murder, from homogaybisexuals,so  this must be a non dictatorship,  votable Fromm a single vote, cause all the biseuxals did was steal my letters , then sign their name on my not trust anyone, n let Axl, w rose, guns n roses as well, due to the non act, non concordance of all of ours, from the Howard jonhnston penthouse suite, dan akroyd, Robert plant n jimmy page, a incident on sunset in 1987, or 1991 I think, as well to pam Anderson from the Venice beach incident, that Canadian playmate incident was wewllLeo di cardio, Johnny Depp,wynona Ryder, the English royals, mostly prince Charles n Lady Camilla,Christian Slater, but mostly that poor Angelina Jolie brad pitt,angelina , not my ex Jolie with her cousin Angie, the native fist nations peoples I know nothing of since 2002,who was duped, by bisexuals top go to the United Nations claiming that I was with her daughter, I was form a delegate from mozambiquesl

it seems a sexual harrasser is going thrpough the music watching every or any human who had sex while recording this, then. using it to guilt you, extort you, so obviOusly, sexual violations of anyone swork, including grade school pictures, to watch parenTS HAve sex ias going on in fake govrenMEMNT using torture MECHNISM TO FORCE CONVERSATION, ASWELL AS TO KEEP , LIKE THOSE IN TORONTO, THEY KEEP H.I.V. PATIENTS WORKING UNTIL THE EXACT DAY THEY DIE, USING TORTURE OF THEFT OF ONES OWN PERSONAL PRIVATE  NATURAL AS WELL AS FORCED THOUGHTS OF CHOOSING BY THE SELFNATUIRE, OF THE MAPLE LEAF IN EVERY CANADIAN IS IN JEOPARDY, N I NEVER KNEW ANYONE HAD ONE.

the people at asa under then 44 years of age , at potusa 44 th presidency, they and their parents  all think that anyone can just ago to a customs office,. read a pamphlet, then go inside the usa customs , and then play with any customsagnets penis, or his brain, or heart, and use Hamilton police services command codes to make them  shit, or fart or move at these of forty fours(c)adisongs2018 desire. thus they are all cracksmokainebaby generation, c.s.b.(c)adikalaw2018. hello islam et I did nothing wrong nor illegal, but boy do you all have work, ha ha ha, I am not your friend I know, but ask the c.s.b., I bet they know your dogs n your grandmothers name I bet, but I do not bet

Thee songs 'come out aud play', aud 'if you can see', were recorded in 1994 in England, then I returned aud recorded England '96 in 1996.

All off this I recorded on my own, write on my own, instrument,ented on my own, mastered aud recorded on my own except the '94 songs we're at a famous English London studio

States may not deprive individuals of the right to an effective remedy, including compensation and such full rehabilitation as may be possible.’] If such a situation were to arise, the national measures, violating the general principle and any relevant treaty provision, would produce the legal effects discussed above and in addition would not be accorded international legal recognition. Proceedings could be initiated by potential victims if they had locus standi before a competent international or national judicial body with a view to asking it to hold the national measure to be internationally unlawful; or the victim could bring a civil suit for damage in a foreign court, which would therefore be asked inter alia to disregard the legal value of the national authorising act. What is even more important is that perpetrators of torture acting upon or benefiting from those national measures may nevertheless be held criminally responsible for torture, whether in a foreign State, or in their own State under a subsequent regime. In short, in spite of possible national authorisation by legislative or judicial bodies to violate the principle banning torture, individuals remain bound to comply with that principle. As the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg put it: ‘individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience imposed by the individual State’ [I.M.T., 1 (1946), p. 223]. 

157. It would seem that other consequences include the fact that torture may not be covered by a statute of limitations, and must not be excluded from extradition under any political offence exemption.’ 

hiel;p knower of my heavy metal rights, blues rights,. two hand tapping, classical to never let anyone in the world use, plus my self thought technique, on guitar, that I never had but under ten lessons in my life, n they were like a third course  at mohawk college, so they do not count.little Wayne, I need the order to eleven thousand rounds per, not ten thousands

you know what lawyers are called a piece of shit, cause mohamma ghandi was a lawyer, before his so claimed holier than Jesus Christ holier than a prince killed holier than a princess killed, they force hate into they called him a piece of shit for his laws he made, then, he hid behind the catholic protection while lying to catholics proving ghnadi is a piece of shit lawyers they all have been since. plus worthless embanks zealot, which means , India n ghandi'as philosophy is to make everyone into zealots, for him to feel better within his religion cause he still cannot find the hitler comment about ghandi being a piece of shit lawyer with not even one ounce of compassion nor spirit. n worse, he sixty nine red while a lawyer, hiding in catholics, n he is not to be remembered as a lawyer type like mE, n not to be remembered for any United Nations work, but that he enjoyed calling humans zqworthless beggar gvypsy zealot

MINT AZ APAM ,ugh mondoe, es az erects, ugh mint as apam gondolatja, AKIKOR HAJA VOLT,UGY NEZ KI A KIS MICHAEL JOESPH JACKSON. KOMOJ, (GABOR CSUPO IS MONDANA, HA LATNA AZ EN APAMNAK A FENYKEPE,,,,......“Don’t ever impose your thoughts on the music. The music will tell you what it wants to do.” – Vincent Paterson remembering advice given to him by Michael Jackson

Photo: Paterson, Michael, and dancers on the set of the “Smooth Criminal” short film.

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