this is adam Edmund Antaloczy., I am in a suntanning machine.

This is just me, five more are alive but want no part and I must keep praying for my mommies forgiveness and blessings to be re-admitted into my Holiest family and church being my parents  I know there are more and we have middle class of the world middle class is where we, the "our" or we go

Me  in California

Elite Model ComModel ,

in 1997, On Sunset Blvd.

I lived on the California Sunset Strip for months on Sunset Blvd/'97 ,and me as child before a television show and at all City of Hamilton  multicultural festivals from 3 years until my teens, yearly.

due to over 10 million fans and more internationally, plus their families. Parler, Reparation SVP

stop spiritual rape techniques that murders, forces rape, I have been kidnapped sexually molested since the age of five, with the police hiding this informaition , so that positive utilitarians can claim this floor all of themselves stating, 'we all went through that"

that is a lie, they did not

sexual assault centre Hamilton area, s.a.c.h.a. knows this, and now, soon, thew wor4ld will see my file of attempted kidnapping to dozens of attempted murders.

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