Me  in California

Elite Model ComModel ,

in 1997, On Sunset Blvd.

I lived on the California Sunset Strip for months on Sunset Blvd/'97 ,and me as child before a television show and at all City of Hamilton  multicultural festivals from 3 years until my teens, yearly.

California pedophiles me due to over 10 million fans and more internationally, plus their families. Parler, Reparation SVP

I = Single (Verified) Heterosexual Spensceual , Special ,Sensual, Merc(y)-ative, Mary Mother of Mercy Sensitiveman fought through whoredome for all mankind now requesting a fair maiden for forever non -whoredome to heaven with I ,to be the male version of hell ending up with chicks , rock and roll, sex drugs , then milder times discussing War tactics in the Security Council as Advisor=Dreamer....very real though.  Then United Nations non government organization is a fifteen year gig(Ups to the U's(e).  My love for her, and please her has been cast opened and dead since high school war stole my love and  called me queer, homosexual, cocksucker, nigger,chick, get a haircut, hippy, drugs junkie, bum, asshole,rapist, pedophile boyfriend of hermaphrodites they state, mafia, biker, rat, meth addict, schizzo, bi-polar, looser, retarted..... ......

This is just me, five more are alive but want no part and I must keep praying for my mommies forgiveness and blessings to be re-admitted into my Holiest family and church being my parents  I know there are more and we have middle class of the world middle class is where we, the "our" or we go

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