disclaimer, addendum (1)WEOURS,WEOURZ, WEOURZS, HWEOURHZ(C)ADISONGS2018, (C)ADIKALAW2018 (C)IREI, GRANDFATHER RIGHTS LAW(C) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED(C)ANTALOCZY ENETRPRIZES MIMITED, OWNER, HUMAN MALE KNOWN AS ADAM, AEOA, Adam Edmund Oliver Antaloczy, wins all of the rights on all of my pages, on all of my files, on all of my phots, on all of me, with family rights protecting all photos of family. no liberal is involved, no country is involved,no criminal is involved, no others and others are involved, no progressive conservative,  nor New Democrat party,. no grassroots medical doctor organization, no grassroots poliactor, no poliactopr allowance nor involvement, no poliactormusician , nor copy M.E. to die poliactormahzicianmalemanmarriedsatn devil she devil attitude givers n adjusters to help the next child coital m,oletation occur as govermemntas do work with thewm , I never want to be a politician, I despise all of their n businessman, I will hwore your wife out if you do not sign this right5 now, white English non colonial but colonial criminal attitude peoples, not for the people, not by the people, not to help the people. me first , my n my mommy n my daddy n my sister, n my brother n my brother, nh then my cousins, if I have any, if they are not all being torutred inetrmnaitonally, n then my family elsewhere, unless they have the kill at sight option they force internally suing napalm burn, a world war arctic proving world wear three is happening was involved, nor allowance nor is involved. is involved, no royal is involved,no united nations Is involved, no European unions is involved with any rights of ownership of soul, of pohsycial psychiatry, but for those obviously on their premises, or obviously of their rights, with no right to kill being thought of as a natural law allowace, the natural law of knowing no one can kill me for writing even this, or the right to kill men, for standing up for my rights, or for wanting to get my songs back that have been stolen as well as illegally re-worked , illegally re-wirttemn, illegally-re-sold, illegally prostituted, illegally abominated,my ownership is the only one not abominable by anyone, let alone by god, even ifs day die to buy bi exists or not. no one but myself, me, I, not even Me was involved in all of this. this is an ode to myth father to my mother, a testament, that the world emanated me dead, deathlier from the beginning, n mother was right, when(c)adisongs2018 I heard someone say she should have killed you, or we should have killed you, or none of you should have ever liove3d, know that I will find god n make you pay for giving the you never should shave lived emotion , used by. yt kidnapper , as a child, who worked for the pre honoured governments, all of them he did, to steal my fathers as well as my mothers love ope only me, no one else, never is was will it be transferable.

all is is was as well as wil menated as no one is, no one was , no one will be, untill all is verbally psysically, not pshycic able not fan able not fanned able not able able rights, no able able rape rights allowed. no raoe him until he is so raped a quadrapelegic is as ass healthy6 as the rape victim suing the govermemnnt for a lifetime of rape whereby a parapelegiuc feels better at tomorrow than soemone of my caliber.


all rights reserved,

all a rights reserved,

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Reconnue de Les Nations Unies

eduction est un(e) droit humaine. Spécialement pour les vieux,comme  "les aveugles du monde", mais pour eux le cadeau de Dieux est de longue vie,bonne santé , de santé physique santé mentales et santé spirituellement, sans souffrance  et pour avoir des petits enfants eux meme,c'est pourquoi il faut travailler pour leur en donne une plus longue vie, avec de morales, éthique, qui sont toujours, en bas,profond, ou il est la plus proche de Dieux, qui est la raison qu'il ne faut pas s'inquiéter de dire que c'est religion.

Maintenant , il faut le dire: je suis religieux avec de morales et éthique avec de "valeur" plus qu'un  homme sans religion mais avec le prix the "valeur" . L'utilisation  positivement de les citoyen Englais Satanique a voler "value, valor, valeur" et ne le redonne pas au français religieux, et les forces militaires internationales a qui il le faut pour vivre


Please understand that I was onstage with Ice-t an(d)t bodycount  in Ottawa at Carlton U.This above described incident of over 20 years ago, is the same only with Hamilton police, ant not opp, rcmp, csis,nor any other police force in the world, just in Hamilton Ontario Canada of continental north america this incident happens to us still ant the Dr Dre deal did not account for ice-t ant the long hair non government organization, because of proven racism towards long hair and some black lives matter 


picture of me ant  Albrecht Durer, Sorry but my hair is religious ant has been since rebellion at 13 years of age

never was affiliated with the site above nor , with any dot me, nor with any haitian, nor with any terroristic govcefrnemnt disease giving for talking back, or voicing your opinion, as opposes to Jukasa studios, nor any studio, not aFFILKIATED WITH ANY STUDIO ANY MUSICIAN, ANY Gangs, any rap, any go any countries soldiers, nor any dating sites, nor any porn, nor any frequencies short wave radio dating asitesa, nor playboy,nor non playboy, nor the un, nor the eu, as nor the s.a.g., nor the a.c.t.r.a. nor any union, nor any postal, nor any actors musicians, nor any lgtbq23, nor ex whores, nor ex anyones, nor p[olioce of any sort including r.s.s. nor any internet chat sites, chat box users willbbe sent 24 hour notice of executing death., who use tb to say it you gtalk back, then get tuberculosis.nor any other country, but for europe, america, north soiuth america

Access to education is a basic human right. Especially to Senior Citizens of the world, the most precious gift is long life and therefore we must all work for their longer life, with Morals and ethics that then need not a religion to stand or state as values do.

my​MothermyFather /myfamily/God/PEACE\LOVE\WATER

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No human shall be left behind
The gift of God is here and we each must "live love"
Words like abortive economic practices of Catholic families as well as Genocide of Catholics, holocaust of practicing catholic in Hamilton Ontario canada,through any and all means must stop. . This shall resound for this is a biblical time, as always but the hurt, pain and torture must shall cease. E2DM=World plan that looks into God's personal formula for all, that works with all, to be ,live and love all.


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I know how you can help save lives.

all songs written created recorded sung engineered played ant copywirtten by adam Antaloczy (c)adisongs 1971-2017(r)Adisongs (tm)Adisongs still writing as well as recording, alive I am, not a look, or awn attitude

Righteous, drioture
droiture righteous


The Cosmic Colours of Celibate Catholics, sorry100% heterosexual only.  Please respect those heterosexually raped and pedophiled in adult from even woman and child

Thank You.


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MIT OpenCourseWare: I'm invested

Value is not "valour ", only if Canadian Bilingualism approved by your local provincial ministry. Basically it hurts the Canadian military through the intentional misses of value, valour, valor. I want to stop all wars, as my song, that i wrote, for the Canadian Troops, to stop the First Iraqi War

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No means with meaning no.

this web site should be catholic action supported, but, the WE group, a political theft of the seperationist movement for Quebec, is being used, to separate owners founders as well as faculty form their hon outed privacy. thus, no ownership no privacy is their motto, but, worse is, the police extpotrted trillions, with the pre trudeau Elliot prime minister, having millions of children raped , with them knowing this, but they know not, the public did not know, now, the truth will eat WE political group, probably alive


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 Israel, Palestine(Either way withPeace for All)
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Governments have been "forcefully flexing" humans, in some cases and breaking them in half, shredding them, and then stating that this is transparency.
Flexibility is not a part of the transparent y process.

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this picture is of me as child ant I question, why am I not allowed to have even one child, why cannot my parents, who had a total of 12+5 on the other side, have no grandchildren

Charlotte street studios, in London england was where, if you can see (c)adisongs princess diaNA RECORDS,, DO RE mE RECORDS , NOTARIZED (c)Adisongs1971,(c)adisongs1986.6  as well as come out and play were recorded. all instruments but piano, cause I was busy, was aeoaoouu, antlaoczy enterprises limited leaders, owner , dictator, middle son, Adam Oliver, 'all e blood', VERES ADI...1994 was them recordings. I wrote them in the last nineteen eighties 

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