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I edited the picture, above  by the private part, know as puzzle up puzzle down the joke, for proof that they look at in, n get their firnds to play with it, while i am at church, since the haitian priest strole our funding, as well as steals everything , using his whore truth of him being racist towrads whotes , rthew bopttom line it is

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very embarrassed i am opf this, i am the most private man i ever met, even to myself, my immediate fmaily, even more priavtye thathan i as famioly, wiht realtives totally prvate, n religion , the most priavte, mjroeso, my single life, the drinking of milk for a few years now, at two litresa a night., i thought would have bvrought women  gods truth of a man on earth,   a male man, Wirth more than talent for his girl to be.,non Adam's apple always, I like no fakes , as New York city is on a show your neck them for a while, since I sAw the sign of the package.not earth 13 , the one with disease ME

if you see this picture, please let me know, i despise the u people for putting it on, this is of me, no one else on anywhere is allowed to use it, nor copy art, even the new canadian, as their all new alone show they show is them I guess, government, as it is voter fraud, i never did porn, not an animal ion bed, not a sodomizer, no anything but better than any m every married man i met, moreso than any asingle man, n way mnore ingenious than every person of one claiming  gaybilez on their planet 13.

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my car I own, myslef, never did i drive lincoln Alexander , but it was his.

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I did not cut my pizzle, n i never allowed women to enter my sprit to play with my penis to then puzzle my penis for me, or for my spirit guidse. puzzling the pizzle is a total act of murdeer, thgus deathn to you all, e3spewcilaly the ones who cut military soldiers penis's off, as a revenge while they slept, for looking at my site, godad i org, biz

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