stop spiritual rape techniques that murders, forces rape, I have been kidnapped sexually molested since the age of five, with the police hiding this informaition , so that positive utilitarians can claim this floor all of themselves stating, 'we all went through that"

that is a lie, they did not

sexual assault centre Hamilton area, s.a.c.h.a. knows this, and now, soon, thew wor4ld will see my file of being attempted kidnapped,to dozens of attempted murders of 

​​​i have to review this page, soon, today is march 16 2018. 

I would appreciate your patience. thank you as well as may your god bless you. I do not bless all of your gods, just the one, but, not satan if he is you god,/godess, cause deliver us form evil is of a good one for us all, even alla(there Maltese term for katolic god)

All donations are for saving lives directly.The action plan I have developed myself,  to find talent barely noticeably lesser than mine, who are of a illegitimate illegal illiberal ethnic cleansing plot that starts with the rich powerful whores of whoredome, being racist towards kind religious people,  ant is civicly planned murder plot , I politically termed, familial genocide as well as civic genocide.

People murder talent in order to feed their nepotism. Instead of one succeeding, they force a statement such as we all must, which thus negates the sense of God Gold Glory 

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