• Valentine4:11

this mask has nothing to do with Egyptians, I found it. this is not for antiquities, nor for the killing hitler shows. americnaq pickers used nuclear frequencies to raper as well as p[illage the nuclear safety meachansm in America, with , I think, in was eof nuclear war, these people, will never be able to use the frequencies when , if , I pray never, there is a nuclear war, or any other , or war

Please understand that I was onstage with Ice-t an(d)t bodycount  in Ottawa at Carlton U.This above described incident of over 20 years ago, is the same only with Hamilton police, ant not opp, rcmp, csis,nor any other police force in the world, just in Hamilton Ontario Canada of continental north america this incident happens to us still ant the Dr Dre deal did not account for ice-t ant the long hair non government organization, because of proven racism towards long hair ant what I believe is Black Lives Matter 


No human shall be left behind The gift of God is here and we each must "live love" Words like abortive economic practices of Catholic families as well as Genocide of Catholics, holocaust of practicing catholic in Hamilton Ontario canada,through any and all means must stop. . This shall resound for this is a biblical time, as always but the hurt, pain and torture must shall cease. E2DM=World plan that looks into God's personal formula for all, that works with all, to be ,live and love all.

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