disclaimer, addendum (1)WEOURS,WEOURZ, WEOURZS, HWEOURHZ(C)ADISONGS2018, (C)ADIKALAW2018 (C)IREI, GRANDFATHER RIGHTS LAW(C) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED(C)ANTALOCZY ENETRPRIZES MIMITED, OWNER, HUMAN MALE KNOWN AS ADAM, AEOA, Adam Edmund Oliver Antaloczy, wins all of the rights on all of my pages, on all of my files, on all of my phots, on all of me, with family rights protecting all photos of family. no liberal is involved, no country is involved,no criminal is involved, no others and others are involved, no progressive conservative,  nor New Democrat party,. no grassroots medical doctor organization, no grassroots poliactor, no poliactopr allowance nor involvement, no poliactormusician , nor copy M.E. to die poliactormahzicianmalemanmarriedsatn devil she devil attitude givers n adjusters to help the next child coital m,oletation occur as govermemntas do work with thewm , I never want to be a politician, I despise all of their n businessman, I will hwore your wife out if you do not sign this right5 now, white English non colonial but colonial criminal attitude peoples, not for the people, not by the people, not to help the people. me first , my n my mommy n my daddy n my sister, n my brother n my brother, nh then my cousins, if I have any, if they are not all being torutred inetrmnaitonally, n then my family elsewhere, unless they have the kill at sight option they force internally suing napalm burn, a world war arctic proving world wear three is happening was involved, nor allowance nor is involved. is involved, no royal is involved,no united nations Is involved, no European unions is involved with any rights of ownership of soul, of pohsycial psychiatry, but for those obviously on their premises, or obviously of their rights, with no right to kill being thought of as a natural law allowace, the natural law of knowing no one can kill me for writing even this, or the right to kill men, for standing up for my rights, or for wanting to get my songs back that have been stolen as well as illegally re-worked , illegally re-wirttemn, illegally-re-sold, illegally prostituted, illegally abominated,my ownership is the only one not abominable by anyone, let alone by god, even ifs day die to buy bi exists or not. no one but myself, me, I, not even Me was involved in all of this. this is an ode to myth father to my mother, a testament, that the world emanated me dead, deathlier from the beginning, n mother was right, when(c)adisongs2018 I heard someone say she should have killed you, or we should have killed you, or none of you should have ever liove3d, know that I will find god n make you pay for giving the you never should shave lived emotion , used by. yt kidnapper , as a child, who worked for the pre honoured governments, all of them he did, to steal my fathers as well as my mothers love ope only me, no one else, never is was will it be transferable.

all is is was as well as wil menated as no one is, no one was , no one will be, untill all is verbally psysically, not pshycic able not fan able not fanned able not able able rights, no able able rape rights allowed. no raoe him until he is so raped a quadrapelegic is as ass healthy6 as the rape victim suing the govermemnnt for a lifetime of rape whereby a parapelegiuc feels better at tomorrow than soemone of my caliber.


all rights reserved,

all a rights reserved,

non non all rights reserved

non non all a rights reserved, 

No human shall be left behind The gift of God is here and we each must "live love" Words like abortive economic practices of Catholic families as well as Genocide of Catholics, holocaust of practicing catholic in Hamilton Ontario canada,through any and all means must stop. . This shall resound for this is a biblical time, as always but the hurt, pain and torture must shall cease. E2DM=World plan that looks into God's personal formula for all, that works with all, to be ,live and love all.

this mask has nothing to do with Egyptians, I found it. this is not for antiquities, nor for the killing hitler shows. americnaq pickers used nuclear frequencies to raper as well as p[illage the nuclear safety meachansm in America, with , I think, in was eof nuclear war, these people, will never be able to use the frequencies when , if , I pray never, there is a nuclear war, or any other , or war

I am not saying do not support, but, this is just a template, it is not real, but someone says it was, thus fraudulent site it is 

best canadian solo solo within a solo ever, on earth some say, being a solo within a solo(ha ha ha, sad n try but with hlophahvheh, plus, it was on two trackless, which makes it unbelvable, recorded in my bedroom, all alone(c)adisongs2014

Please understand that I was onstage with Ice-t an(d)t bodycount  in Ottawa at Carlton U.This above described incident of over 20 years ago, is the same only with Hamilton police, ant not opp, rcmp, csis,nor any other police force in the world, just in Hamilton Ontario Canada of continental north america this incident happens to us still ant the Dr Dre deal did not account for ice-t ant the long hair non government organization, because of proven racism towards long hair ant what I believe is Black Lives Matter 


this song is as that picture , a template not involved in any of my work, but I hear people use it to talk using my frequencies, so find them n fine them



THIS MAD MAN, IS ACTAULLY IN AMERICA, PRoPHESING HOW TO DESTROY THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT UNIT KEEPING THE WORLD TOGETHER(C)ADISONGS2018, the American senate. this cock sucker rapist of Margaret Trudeau's eyes,  a murderer professor with his murderer he Las Vegas murderer, teachers assistant.joanne zaslow paddock, scirafa is . he would love to suck Donald trumps cock dry he would this fake professor suing illegal al queada torturer techniques n showing them to u bisexual police officers so that they can get more women in their u club, by lying stating it is their n.

I have every sexual rapist student, police officer on camera as well as have described their techniques to the s.h.w.a.t. women during a meeting I broke into due to thew severity of my truth, which, they understood, n allowed me to speak cause as a sexual survivor of two fair women raping knew at separate times, now claiming I stated I was a hooker,whci I never was, the3y get away with rapping virgins cause i am the only protector of every one of them at the same time in the world. without mew, know that one virgin knowns she is d.e.a.d. forever.

see, they have my rape, my sexual coitally touched abduction my kidnapping, where yesterday , a movie mocking my lifre,which every movie did that to my mother, they even went in and showed my mother hiding , watching her father gets beaten for his gold teeeth. that is like semantic nego, that nego should never ever ever be used, it allows head chopping for it is a failed philosophy, it just lest you scam for the moment, b ut, after u die, or n dies, look out, satan will be running you like you are an a angel of god in hell.


valley stone drive time, clabassa, for asking forgiveness for screwing Ann's friend who lived lives? in calabases.
I remembner being tied to a radiator when (c)adisongs1992 (c) Ireiadisongsdivision1986) was young

help me every sorority, help me every alma matte in the world. your exotance is no more, if senate goes all that Matta's goes. sorry , now you are all only of Pty, part time young, like once a day for ten minutes.

liike, oh m'y god.

it is so bad the gehdah had to be pout in the my.

that is how bad it is.

I want international alma matta rights immediately recognized accredited, or .....

why does not the screen actors guild admit, they steal university understanding, and make money of thew university division of psychic, was well, why do not you just write movies on how to kill Me,my Me is exactly legally the best Me in the world, and then, after all the movies, you can go to every university n kill your competition, which would be Me. you can kill Me, me at every alma matta, bring me back to life, making certain I stay in pain, then you can even cut body parts off, imre-attach(c)adisongs2018 them n create n chat boxes forcing the u in virgins,for every Alma matta, then you can molecularly together(c)adisongs2018 Me,me, so that my molecules do not move, thus , you can do what satan has never done to anyone his whole existancelife, together a human so that he kills himself by being mindful on exactly what any human should be never be mindful of..

why do not you powerful people, just put an add in the newspaper, like Michael; de Groote, and write , I am raopopijng sexually coitally Adam Antaloczy e.o. until he dies. I can lie and state it is my yechnoilogyt , but only if my boyfriends, the city of Hamilton the upper law society of cabana, the poliactprs, all sign that they are withy Canadian satan Michael degroote, all know I allowed Adam antalozcy to be raped for three years every day at mcm aster university, that David bailey, even rapede Adam antalozcy, so that he can use, hidy Marta godson's faculty protection, protecting faculty form being herawrd, moreso, founders proet6ctioj so that founders cannot be heard.

either way, wether it is Michael degroote, or Michael lee Ching, who lived down the road, on Markland, at one of my favourite buildings, or Ron Joyce.whom I never met, like fox croft, but has seen me around, I knew Ron's neighbour across thew street Steph's father, I was the bonsai plant manager who was paid four dollars an hour, proving how one dollar at a time is a rape economic philosophy. all of them u, and moreso, they all gave to mcmaste3r university because of my godmothers tireless campaign to help McMaster university music school gets funding . without me, my godmother my godfather, my parents, not my siblings, not my wife who is not my wife but my sister, McMaster university thought it would be excite to have an alma matta of ancestral familial relations..
I knew Michael degroote from the royal Hamilton yacht club. by law, by right, I had to advise him thAT I was going back to university. this was stopped so that doctor moon can extort him 50 million dollars, which I know was extortion or death, plus it was a fraudulent act. who paid for the advertising in the paper:?, that costed money n has nothing to do with the donation , but everything to do with the donation,thus fraudulent.

noe of those founders, who one knew my godparents were physically raped, n moreso, that they were hiding my memory form thew abduction while lgtbq2 uses exactly what happened to mew to claim it themselves.

I pray asteroid lands sooner.

or, if you are all so rich, why not die, you did it done it, or let me guess, some whore loose4r wench, listens to who threatens whom, cause, she threaten them all, changes the voice, then sends their fat sticking no good for nothing murderer to kill the truth people, so that you can then extort the billionaire, right one'rs..

I hope you mafia die soon, every one, m with you hiding in mcmaster university founders but for the greatest one, who was forced to no0t teach me nor ever speak to me again, caused , Michael degroote wanted me for himself or someone he knew..

admit your whoredome, cause money is there root of all evil, cybercoin is rooted evil, all of it is rooted evil until I get my tools to tool my money.

so govt, how many rapes this weekend making bisexuals

all rights reserved


where imc is mine , my soul ownership of international multi culture, division of leader of antalozcy enterprises limited, Llc

 every right in all symbols letters numbers, thoughts that include a proportionallity of more mine than anyone else is of mine ownership, thus ask first or copy Me guarantee ME in thee thee(c)adiasongs2018

Charlotte street studios, in London england was where, if you can see (c)adisongs princess diaNA RECORDS,, DO RE mE RECORDS , NOTARIZED (c)Adisongs1971,(c)adisongs1986.6  as well as come out and play were recorded. all instruments but piano, cause I was busy, was aeoaoouu, antlaoczy enterprises limited leaders, owner , dictator, middle son, Adam Oliver, 'all e blood', VERES ADI...1994 was them recordings. I wrote them in the last nineteen eighties 

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