All donations are for saving lives directly.The action plan I have developed myself,  to find talent barely noticeably lesser than mine, who are of a illegitimate illegal illiberal ethnic cleansing plot that starts with the rich powerful whores of whoredome, being racist towards kind religious people,  ant is civicly planned murder plot , I politically termed, familial genocide as well as civic genocide.

People murder talent in order to feed their nepotism. Instead of one succeeding, they force a statement such as we all must, which thus negates the sense of God Gold Glory Satan

may you all have an of good friday
/\ a holy good Friday
\of a holy good Friday
this is the holy-est week of the year in mass And although gypsies are stating that holi is their holiday, and thus use it ever day, by celebrating gypsy holi day every day, (which never existed until they stole information from me, to which I have proof, as well as proof that holi was not even a word known  let alone not/\nebver  a term used by anyone, especially gypsies, nor hindoo's(hindoo's are gypsies) though it is of our religion, and thus theft,
we must remember it is our holiness, not other peoples. Christ is our leader, ant it is him with us, we together makes our holiest week of the year.

One more thing, twenty years ago this year, Princess Diana passed away in a horrific accident of paparazzi design.
Also, I hope that soon the twentieth anniversary, if this year, or the twenty first anniversary, if next year celebration of my album England '96, an album that was never released but was suppose to be released through Warner records Europe as part of the Bush, (bush X, that is why Bush in Canada has to be called Bush X, cause I was involved and knew all these people ant mostly they knew of me!!!oasis English wave that was stirring in England in 1996. Princess Diana lived five homes away, and I know her spirit was very strong in the album, as Michael Jackson's, Madonna's, Oasis brothers,English Soccer players,  George Michael. I never used drugs and drank evenly throughout the two. months of recording my firsts double album,

God Bless the Queen ant Queen Bless the God, especially before her next voyage of her protetcing us from where she is meeting Christ, I Bet!!!!!

Want to see how I write the date?


todays date, which is not a Shaadi system dating program in my brain that forces people to answer questions , thus creating more hearsay than my brain can handle(personally speaking)(it is the worlds biggest dating service ant is illiberally using me, illegally using me, as I was never full member, nor have ever participated in any dating service, cause I was scammed for years, on e harmony as a paying customerating system 

\todays date is written as I invented this code


this is how every day should be written as it was my daily focus, yet my daily focus, which was stolen years ago , ant will be found out, did not constitute the alpha omega part of time

Xszciahw l!!!

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