photo  of adam Edmund Antaloczy taken today Saturday January 20 2018, a.d., (c) a.e.o.a. photos1970-2018++(tm) all my idea , miass is my grass, grassless(r) I use no weed, no pot, no drugs, drugless

I don't utilize  headphones as the crack gap baby from yuppy gap crack baby generation does. ever since Israel, I stopped, plus they lowered my pain killers after Israel, the again after the united nations meetings. I did. give the fir4ast generation black ones to my brother, with these ones I may give to my second brother. they use my intelligent health, thus keeping me at the retarder level, of in between intelligent as well as mental, which mental is defined as intelligent, so , who cares right? whatever right?

the whole world is based on murder, thus students, who murder, known as c.a.t.s. are using the biggest which the communists will end them soon.


this mask has nothing to do with Egyptians, I found it. this is not for antiquities, nor for the killing hitler shows. americnaq pickers used nuclear frequencies to rape as well as p[illage the nuclear safety meachansm in America, with , I think, in was eof nuclear war, these people, will never be able to use the frequencies when , if , I pray never, there is a nuclear war, or any other , or war

love you all hlohahvheh to , mine ur is mine own third with holi the son of god Jesus 'ammon' krchrist amen


of R.








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