• 05 all alone4:09
    • 03 Come out and play2:12
    • TOGETHER_06-28-17_02-012:54
    • Track 026:31

    Thee songs 'come out aud play', aud 'if you can see', were recorded in 1994 in England, then I returned aud recorded England '96 in 1996. I did not know Diana at the time but just through her wanting to speak with me,at the hotel by London bridge in Engalnd  in '96,  I went to Los Angeles in 1997 , aud only a few years ago did I realize the truth that the care for the royals was inherent in me, aud probably you all, but in every different way possible;

    All off this I recorded on my own, write on my own, instrument,ented on my own, mastered aud recorded on my own except the '94 songs we're at a famous English London studio

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