Please,   Please Please


This prayer was done on purpose on my birthday. So that I can prove with Father Emirite Pope Benedict Sixteen, that we can save the world one person left behind,  one person left for dead, at a time. is proof, and thank you  for your support of non-support so far. I am certain this will pay you all in dividends for years to come

me ands my family with Pope John Paul 2  popemobile that no one was ever allowed in but him, but  snuck in,  after proving religious allowance of this cation not meant for the masses

when I was building my site, they, go#$%%$y/cares stole my emotion, and are hopefully in the midst of organizing their truth, same as the t-shirt guy, he used this p[rayer to sell t shirts I was about to. guess you gotta beat 'm all as bee ballers proved

also, the t-shirt company they were advertising that it was a success,

"The young shepherds "

well it was stolen form my prayer readings to pope Benedict XVI

"The young shepherds "of Fatima, and only I have proof

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