I have to not rainbow in me, nor in our, nor every in apostrophe, nor in what  , are my parnets,citizens ilong ago,mmigrant refugees off the Hungarian civil was, with their chidren, all three of the sex male, with the parent being one male of sex, one female of sex, with the refugee daughter, long ago immigrated , long ago citizen, long ago dual citizen, with parents along ago citizens, never being given blue status, never being given first generation of refugee parenst, having never spoken a word of English nor of French, but with French Austro humagrian status, thus now, of hybrid court need, for anyone to investigate must have the natural knowle3dge to supersede the English court, the American court, the European court, the European Union court, the European nation court, the European Commission court, the brtexit European court, the future of Brexit European court, the English. court, the United Kingdom court, plus the Vatican court, now, plus, the united nations court. no one in the world should have to go through this, thus, my being left behind, is true, with my beliefs that yes, the now president of the united nations did come up with the sustainable development goals, as well as the leave no one behind.

it is women, having anal sex, through their jeousyt of homosexual sex, with themmnow, having their anal vaginal walls being torn, are giving pregnancy through anasl insertion .
disgusting the whore of the great whore are

they blame it on climate change of the bel canto technique. bull shit.

I am not adam antioch, thus not adam Antioch 
thew united nations was extorted by some people claiming theynare Antioch, the4y got money, with them either being killed , murdered, or they took the money then ran. this is the jul they forced into me, with men never claiming being Antioch of the holy bible, although at saint joespehs hospital I write Antioch, cause they are dead if using my parents family as well as our international family, they all are dead ant Antioch.
due to the following great whore that is in Canada , government, mostly the double hex for lgtbq2, which is the biggest terrorist organization if even one member has this theology that is to0 follow, cause, this is what Italian mafia is puyshcing into us, reverend , as well of Holy See.
pray for the lord.forgive me not for they know what they do.

I still have not finished the holy bible revelations
it is the fifth time,i read it, but this time , it seems to be played by Stan on earth, with even devil, who, they all put a double hex on earth, with their conscious thought of creatfprcing abomination of sex thr4ough the doubling of every sexual organ, as well as every ass. thus two pixels tho vaginas two assholes is what these women of the great whore are forcing me to grow through his "deep inner burn", with the women being forced to grow two clitoriis, tow vagina's two assholes, one set for body, one set for whoredome whoredoming.. and Trudeau other prime minister will not force this growth of his abomination on the male sex who are catholic.katholic. , of the holy bible , are being g forced Sheba, the whoredoem of Africa, and we are being forced to grow two assholes, with a vagina being formed. I do not want this lgtbq2.
this is worse than any , India Pakistan Haiti Jamaica, I have heard of on earth. I will not suck cock, nor take it in the ass, 
this is the sickest humans on earth, with government seeming to help this concept. I understand it not. I do not want a vagina, I do not want you people in my organs, so as to force me a vagina through the tearing of many hemorrhoids, then scaring those out of my rear, and in and out, then scar my inside to grow a vagina. man has not a vagina. do not give me one. I swear, you ll will pay for even putting this in me lgtbq2 great whore. I do not want dignified death bishop Crosby, I signed nothing, it Wass adam, Clayton form London Ontario  thinking hew was used by adam Clayton form the band u2. the London adam died, the k you doctors, I did not know you would force handicap to think they are musicians only in order to have sexual coitus with their wives.. I
this is not in me, this is you people. I am of family, my parents, with protocol one as well as protocol 2 being needed.

they are actually trying to create a vagina, cause that man at the ymca, who lifted his leg, then farted, gave me his curse of his whoredome. ever since then, this dan harper I think his name is, or the bishop of Hamilton, every since then, I started fating differently, now by brother has this vaginal fart with both of us not having a vagina, but trude4au;s deep inner burn , with mcmasterr university idiot rtetard trying to grow his lung back and whatever other organ that wa surgically removed, is actually forcing sexual organs to be grown first, on al of humanity. there is not god , there is not divinity at McMaster university. the great whor eis in Hamilton for certain.

hindoo voodoo hoodoo will be under the total control of mine enemy, which nemesis evener as well as any term is lower than enemy.

catholic Satan is , was, always will be the most power4ful satan with Peter Gilmore of the church of satan , I order you to do all you must, with the u, to end this, to end them. NOW

only I can use this card, only I have this card, only one name has ever been own this card with this specific design.this is the authentic card, peace offset , with love from the dead that loved me as a child to strengthen only one person, the person who holds this card,

i,who ordered this card, who had this card put on a t shirt but should; have worn the suit the night of the general assembly , not thew t-shirt, sorry everyone, thus I yelled out internaly, 'imposter', cause if I was stated being a fake, then the fake was there,so they disallowed me from the meeting, the assembly which I was allowed to enter , participate, thus, how are u you peop0ple list ing when I was not even there?

truth is, someone was so proud, that they stated , you should see how great he looks for what he went through, then someone told me to wear thew t-shirt, I do not know why, but I wore my own designed t-shirt, which probably ruined my life, cause that t shirt of ethipoe guy, who still;e the bullket form me, through the mercy prayer written by pope fr4naqcis, but mores, through the pope Benedict xvi prayer, dated on my birthday, with  knowing this man stole my idea, my. money, with every basketball making fun of the wrong person on the commercials, so that they can get in on the screen actors guild extortion, which they claim they are allowed to make international movies with the 25 trillion dollars, the 15, plus pope  10 trillion form  my for profit corporation, which I need cause I w2nat to begin a bougeousi French of France economy on Monday , soy I am cashing in my Cisco money, then my adm money, then my bitcoin, bit panda, , then investing in micas, the closed one, always it is.

 the holy bible is force knotted sexual non sexual, I was wrong of it being non sexual sexual, its is of sex male female, , human sex, the only, which the lord is, protects this b.c, a.d. always has, always is, always god concept.I will further if it is of sex plus relations of opposite sex, with only opposite sex in it, thus only there is  male as well as female in it. it is distinguished naturally but for those knotted  knowing what sex is.i read it always only , always as this. a female is of the opposite of the male, with the male being the opposite of the female, thus applying the sex concept as  is defined , through defenition,with only always only distinguishing of male organs or female.organs. the additional inforamt5ion of the golden rule, 'being pee knotted if in poo' knotted if of coitus, sinful if not forgiven if of sodomy,but moreso, man does not lie with man as man lies with women. with women lying to man, as devil, evil does, man is not liable in any justice to pay for her sins, nor for the stones to be thrown on her, to be thrown on him, from her hiding her lying with women, thus blaming the man who never lied with man.

​reverend adam e.o. antaloczy, used then n immediate computer blue warning with gift of protection to me for never using, being this, but in every u this w.aeoa.o

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